…when you take better care of the animals.

Free range cows have access to outdoor pastures in all seasons. Our farms are part of the Welfare Quality® system where independent inspectors monitor animal welfare. The Vapaa product range only involves progressive and excellent dairy farms.

…when you take better care of people.

Finnish milk supports Finnish work and the preservation of the countryside. All proceeds from Vapaa milk and cottage cheese go to dairy farmers.

…when you take care of the environment.

We printed our milk’s carbon footprint information on the carton – and we’re the first in Finland to do so. The farms work hard to reduce emissions through choices that concern fertilizers, feed and energy, as well as manure treatment. The dairy reduces the carbon footprint with the use of renewable energy and better packaging choices.

Label of origin for food made in Finland from Finnish raw materials.

A science-based system developed for regular measurement of the well-being of production animals.

Vapaa-maito has Finland’s first independent farm animal welfare label.

Get to know Vapaa dairy products

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vapaa lactose-free cottage cheese
vapaa lactose-free and fat-free cottage cheese
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