Welfare Quality

All farms in Maitomaa have been awarded the Welfare Quality certificate. It means that the well-being of the cows is monitored regularly in accordance with the international measurement method and based on current research data.

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Wind power

Maitomaa runs on wind power: All the electricity required by our production is 100% renewable wind electricity.
Green electricity is environmentally friendly electricity certified with a guarantee of origin.

Energy center

The issues raised in the energy review were taken into account in the construction of the new energy center. The heat needed by Maitomaa is produced with domestic LPG, which has lower emissions than fuel oil.

Rinki label

The Finnish Rinki label says that we bear our producer responsibility for our packaging.

By supporting the Rinki system, we are involved together with other companies in making Finnish recycling even more efficient.

The guarantor of product safety and quality

Maitomaa has been awarded the international BRC food safety certificate, which is the world’s most well-known and comprehensive standard and quality system that determines food quality and safety.

Certified operating system

The quality standard (ISO 9001), the environmental standard (ISO 14001) ensure high quality at every stage of our production chain.


Reducing waste

By making production more efficient, we have been able to reduce the loss in the dairy area, and at the same time, the waste water load has also decreased.

Milk trucks

We use at least Euro 5 class cars and mostly Euro 6 class cars for milk collection and delivery trucks.
In addition, depending on the manufacturer, cars have different driver-specific monitoring and reporting systems that improve fuel economy and driving behavior.

We thinned the butter wrap of our brand butter products

Now it requires 15% less material than our previous butter packages.


The Carbon Neutral Pohjois-Savo project

Our own province Pohjois-Savo has started a journey towards a carbon-neutral goal and we are involved in climate work.
We strongly believe that by influencing our own operations we can achieve more than with external compensation. Thanks to this commitment, we were awarded the “Yhteisellä tiellä” badge of the Carbon Neutral Pohjois-Savo project.